Welcome to my website!

This site is not part of  Food Network Television ~

BUT it does take inspirition from their Chefs, and Programing

This site will consist of several different areas. . .

 My Blog:

 Where I will try out recipes from food  
          network chefs (and others). 

I will be reporting my results on various aspects of
the process, including obtaining the necessary ingredients, 
the ease of preparation 
and also my results, good or bad!


                       That I have altered to my paticular tastes,                              (after using the food network chefs recipe). 

I will be adding or subtracting ingredients that I
prefer or dislike.

I will also update the directions for preparating
the dishes, if I found a better (faster, or easier) way.


Of  cookware, pans or kitchen gadgets that I have
found helpful (or NOT) around my kitchen.


I have written or found to be of interest.
 Could be anything about cooking, food, resturants,or
hot trends ~ check it out
to see if you find it intresting as well!

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